Membership BNA

From now on, our architectural firm is affiliated with the Dutch Architectural Firms Sector Association, the BNA.

The BNA is a Dutch quality mark. An agency must meet strict quality conditions in order to become a member. Enabling a BNA architect therefore has all sorts of advantages for a client.

A BNA architect …

has at least two years of practical experience;
is insured against professional liability;
is obliged to spend at least sixteen hours a year on continuing education;
accepts assignments only if he / she has sufficient expertise, professional competence and office capacity;
guarantees absolute confidentiality;
accepts only assignments on the basis of an agreement in which the mutual rights and obligations of client and architect are properly recorded;
is bound by the Code of Conduct of the BNA.

We present ourselves on the BNA website.

Since when are you architect and how long is your desk active?

Before I started to study Architecture at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in 2010, I worked for several years at architectural firm Peter Heuvelmans in in the village of Lage Mierde. This agency focused on architectural and interior design in the more exclusive segment, mainly villa design. Here I learned everything that comes with the profession of architectural and interior designer. From selecting materials for an interior plan to architectural design. But I also learned to think and act as an entrepreneur. In short, I have experienced a very educational time here. In 2010, in the midst of the crisis, I decided to start for myself. By now I had developed my own vision about architecture and interior through all our experience. Together with the knowledge I had gained during previous studies (including the HTS Architecture and the Academy for Architecture and Urban Planning), this was a solid foundation for starting my own agency. I graduated in 2013, after which the agency grew rapidly. In the meantime, 4 other people are working at our office. Another architect, an interior designer, a technical designer and an office manager.

Why did you become an architect?

My father originally wanted to be an architect, but due to the early death of his father he was forced to take over the small plumbing company with his brothers. This grew into a large, reputable installation agency. After years of working with his brothers, he decided to start his own roofing company. In addition to the entrepreneurial spirit, I think I also inherited this piece of DNA from him. During my study Architecture at the HTS, it initially seemed that I was going to roll into my father’s company. However, as the course progressed and my own personal development came to light, I discovered that my true passion and interest lay in architecture. That is where my drawing talent and spatial thinking were best expressed. From that moment on, my desire was to become an architect and to surprise and make other people happy with this beautiful and creative profession.

Where is your ambition? What will your office look like in five years?

My ambition lies in exclusive projects for private individuals and business customers, both in interior and architecture. Currently we are still mostly focusing on projects in the region. However, we are receiving more and more requests for projects elsewhere in the country and also international projects. This is also a direction that I would like to move with my desk.

What distinguishes you from other architectural firms?

The combination of architecture and interior is pleasant for many customers. The fact that we also have good knowledge in the field of interior design enables us to think big steps forward in the architectural design process at an early stage. In addition, we work very closely together. Every team member is well informed about the current projects. As a result, it often happens that an architect thinks about interior projects and an interior designer about architectural projects. This often yields surprising insights.

What is the added value of architecture / architects in the building process for you?

(Good) Architects are actually artists, they are creative, have a very good spatial insight and a lot of knowledge of construction. With this combination, the architect is the ideal professional to take the wishes / ambitions of an initiator to a higher level. This ensures a high building and aesthetic quality. In addition, the architect provides the blueprints that are the means of communication for building preparation and execution.

Why did you become a BNA member, what do you expect from membership?
By becoming a member of the BNA, I am up-to-date in the field of architecture. Moreover, I look forward to the exchange of knowledge with other agencies.
Finally, it is a quality mark.

View our profile here on the BNA site or read more about our agency here.