Publication Homify UK – Before and after: A house from the 70s gets modern

This article about one of our designs that was published on the English inspirational site Homify.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And trends are fleeting, which means that something that is considered stylish today might be out of style tomorrow (well, probably not that quickly, but you know what we mean).

This takes us to today’s ‘before and after’ piece which sees a house straight out of the 1970s undergo a stunning renovation to pull it into the modern 21st century. Complete with new building materials, comfy layouts and energy-efficient touches.

Dutch professionals Bob Romijnders Architecture + Interior are the experts behind this one, so let’s see what they came up with…


Looking at the house pre-renovation, we can definitely see that it had potential in terms of design and size. Yet, even though the classic style-houses can still be appreciated today, we agree that a modern makeover was needed in this case.

Now isn’t this so much better? Just about nothing here reminds us of the old structure, for this new design is quite the modern marvel!

See how fabulously that wooden-clad garage introduces warm earthy hues and terrific texture into the façade.


We can definitely see why this house was considered trendy a few decades ago.

Today, the rear side of this property has a much more open and welcoming design, as generous amounts of glazing allows us a peek indoors (as well as stunning garden views and natural lighting that flow inside on a daily basis).

Let’s have a look at some more images that speak of this house’s new modern style.