The Netherlands

A unique 80s home with its distinctive split-level layout is currently undergoing a remarkable renovation. This iconic residence, undergoing a villa metamorphosis, required a complete makeover inside and out, all while preserving its unique style. Central to our design ethos is a commitment to sustainability and a deep reverence for nature. Our goal is to seamlessly blend the villa into its natural surroundings, achieving a harmonious synergy between architecture and the landscape’s beauty. Through establishing a robust connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, we strive to cultivate a sense of unity and provide an optimal indoor-outdoor experience

villa transformatie

In our design, we introduce sleek lines and modern facades that infuse the villa with a fresh and contemporary character. Embracing contemporary elements such as expansive glass facades and flowing, organic forms, we breathe new life into this remarkable space. Fundamental to our design philosophy is the use of sustainable and natural materials, forming the bedrock of our approach.

Inside the home, our intention is to craft an open and inviting ambiance, where an abundance of natural light takes center stage. Retaining the split-level layout allows us to fashion dynamic living spaces that exude playfulness. But our design extends beyond the confines of the villa’s walls. We have embraced the surrounding landscape, infusing it with lush greenery. Our aim is to establish a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, blurring the boundaries between architecture, interior spaces, and the natural world.

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