Upgrade 60s villa

The Netherlands

A 1960s villa with a rather closed and gloomy appearance was given a major metamorphosis. The strong points of the villa were retained, but changes in material and color gave the house a more contemporary upgrade. The inside of the house was also largely upgraded, with a new layout introducing plenty of sight lines.

An article about this project was recently published in Excellent Wonen & Leven

voorkant verbouwing villa
bestaande situatie villaverbouwing

Our clients had an important wish: their new home had to be a warm, cozy and pleasant family home where guests really get the feeling that they are welcome. By installing extra windows, the house looks friendlier and there is more interaction with the environment outside.

A major challenge was to realize three bedrooms on the compact first floor, including one master bedroom. By raising the middle aisle/entrance and moving the stairs, we managed to create a third bedroom.


ontwerp renovatie villa door architect
kozijn tuin
voordeur villa
detail houten bekleding villa
renovatie villa stalen deuren
maatwerk keuken door interieurarchitect Brabant
maatwerk keuken villa
luxe fauteuil
Interieurontwerp door interieurarchitect Nijmegen
luxe woonkamer
renovatie eetkamer
verlichting eettafel
stoelen Vitra
doorkijkje luxe villa
kunstwerk hout
maatwerk trap
luxe toilet
maatwerk badkamer
zwarte douchekop
nis douche
luxe ligbad
doorkijkje leefkeuken
luxe tuinset tribu

We regularly make designs for the transformation of dated homes into modern villas. Also take a look at this project or follow ourĀ Instagram account. Hier geven we ook regelmatig updates over de verbouwing van deze jaren 60 villa.