The Netherlands

Our clients approached us with the request to transform their 1970s home into a more contemporary living space suitable for 2020. The original elements of the 70s architecture were still prominent in their home, such as the sunken sitting area, wood paneling on the ceiling, and characteristic original light fixtures. These elements defined the overall appearance of the house. Although our clients were still fond of the vintage charm of their home, they desired a fresh, modern update to bring new life to the space.
Renovation 1970s house

Our clients approached us with the request for a home extension and a new kitchen. Initially, we considered an extension as the most logical way to create more space and natural light in the house. However, while sketching out the various possibilities, we quickly realized that an extension was not necessary. Instead, we created a design that remained within the existing structure of the home.

In our design, we removed the closed back wall and replaced it with a large glass facade that stretches up to the roof of the building. This created a spacious, open area that allows natural light to flood the home.

We also removed the sunken sitting area and replaced the Norwegian slate wall at the entrance with a sleek wall featuring a bronze-colored mosaic palette. Finally, we introduced beautiful lines, including a clean sightline from the entrance through a glass pivot door towards the open back facade.

renovation 1970s house
occhio verlichting
occhio verlichting
Kitchen chair
maatwerk keuken
maatwerk leefkeuken jaren 70 woning
bora kookplaat
doorkijkje leefkeuken
detail maatwerk leefkeuken
kookboek en detail maatwerk leefkeuken
detail maatwerkkeuken
xinnix deur
xinnix deur in jaren 70 woning
lichtplan jaren 70 woning
mozaïek muur detail
mozaïek muur
Casa Gitane in jaren 70 woning
verbouwing badkamer jaren 70 woning bad
verbouwing badkamer jaren 70 woning wasbak
lichtplan voor verbouwing
lichtinval in jaren 70 woning

We frequently create designs for the renovation of 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s homes. Curious about how such a renovation works? Follow us on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look.

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