Renovation of a 1950s house

The Netherlands

Our clients approached us with a desire for a complete design for the renovation and aesthetic upgrade of their 1950s home, both inside and out. The existing home had a somewhat outdated look and the goal was to thoroughly renovate, modernize, and make it more personalized.

Verbouwing woonkamer door interieurarchitect

As the home was already spacious, there was no need for expansion, so we focused on the renovation and modernization of the existing structure. We converted the garage into a beautiful open kitchen and relocated the dining room to the former kitchen. By adding a large glass façade, natural light flows into the home and creates a beautiful interaction between the indoor and outdoor environment. Lastly, we applied a new lime plaster finish to the exterior façade.

verbouwing jaren 50 woning
Verbouwing woonkamer door interieurarchitect