Design modern villa with classic lines

The Netherlands

This modern villa will be realized in 2020 in Nijmegen. The clients already live in a nice house, but saw a special opportunity here. We were asked to make a design for a villa on the plot, after which they could make the decision: continue to live where they live … or move.

The clients are very fond of 1930s houses (“we think a bay window is so beautiful”), but also like more modern design. We have proposed a modern villa with a classic interplay of lines. The classic elements are characterized by, for example, the large roof and overhangs, the “traditional” brick use. The modern additions are the sleek awnings with sturdy wooden columns and the large windows that often run from floor to ceiling or gutter.

For the clients it was “love at first sight”. After a number of minor adjustments, the house was fully adapted to their wishes and wishes and we will further develop the plan and apply for the environmental permit for them.

Project villa design by dutch architect

The layout of the house is characterized by an unusual, cross-shaped floor plan with the entrance, the stairwell, utility room, cloakroom and toilet at its heart. The most important use areas, such as the kitchen, living room and dining room are surrounded by this. Due to the cross shape, new lines of sight are constantly created along the fa├žades from the various rooms and contact can be made with the outside on three sides. This actually gave the villa three large bay windows.

Project villa design by dutch architect Bob Romijnders

The villa is fairly closed on the street side, which is also the north side. The beautiful brickwork, the overhangs and the roof are shown to their best advantage here. The entrance, which is located a little further to the heart of the villa, is marked by an awning. Because this south side has little glass surface, the house does not heat up as quickly in the summer. The surprise is all the greater when you see the rear of the house. Here the facades consist of large glass surfaces. Not surprising as it is clear that the house on this side borders a beautiful large natural lake. There is a view of this lake from every important living space and a large canopy at the kitchen makes it possible to sit outside for a long, dry summer evening on slightly less beautiful balmy summer evenings. The garden will soon descend to the water through a number of different levels / terraces and will eventually end with a platform to be able to moor a boat or to get out of the water in an easy way.

Project villa design by dutch architect Bob Romijnders

On the upper floor there are four large bedrooms around the centrally located bathrooms. One in each arm of the cross. The attic will remain “empty” for the time being and will mainly be used for storage and a guest room.

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