Modern interior for an authentic city residence

The Netherlands

Recently we made the interior design for a authentic city residence in the center of Nijmegen. Typical of this house are the impressive high ceilings with classic ornaments, as well as the characteristic herringbone and marble floors. An important point that the clients wanted to be advised on was the layout plan, particularly on the positioning of the kitchen on the ground floor. We chose to position the kitchen in the back of the house on the east. As a result, a large amount of light enters the house in the morning. In addition to to the layout plan, we also made a lighting plan in collaboration with Eikelenboom lighting. Good artificial light is very important in this house because it can be quite dark in some places.

We have been able to emphasize the height of the spaces by means of the lighting plan. We opted for sleek design fixtures here. The client had a clear idea in ambiance and style: modern, which contrasts softly with the authentic atmosphere of the building.


keukenontwerper monumentaal pand nijmegen
old situation
keukenontwerp monumentaal pand
Interior design authentic dutch villa residence
detail keukenontwerp
keukenontwerper nijmegen
sierornamenten monumentaal pand residence
detail keukenontwerp monumentaal pand
lichtontwerper nijmegen residence
moderne pui van monumentaal pand in nijmegen
old situation renovation

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