Energy neutral villa: a harmonious blend of nature and modernity

The Netherlands

Our clients bought a beautiful spacious plot with forest on the edge of Den Bosch. The wish was to realize a life-resistant and energy-neutral home here with a modern look. Our design is characterized by a closed front and open back. By making smart use of sight lines, all living areas receive a lot of natural light at any time of the day. The kitchen diner plays an important role in the design and is best viewed logistically on the north side. Because the kitchen is linked to a loft, we also know how to bring sunlight and daylight into the kitchen from the other sides. An open connection has been created on the floor plan, in which different spaces, including the living kitchen, sitting room and lounge area, have their own place, but are still connected to each other through the many sightlines that flow through the house. The rear facade is completely open and transparent, so that we involve the forest in the interior space. At the front, the house is embraced by a large garden wall with a patio. Here you can sit out of the wind. The house is made of stone, steel and burnt black Shou Sugi Ban wood.
We regularly design modern villas across the country. For example, this conversion of a dated house into a modern villa.

overstek energieneutrale villa Den Bosch architect
architectenbureau villa
gevel moderne woning
moderne woning Den Bosch
overstek van woning den bosch
architecten den bosch achtergevel
Voorgevel eigentijdse villa Nederland
pui villa Den Bosch
interieurontwerp moderne woning
voordeur villa
moderne voordeur
ingang moderne woning
doorkijkje van den mortel stenen
architectenbureau villa Den Bosch
doorkijkje architectuur
interieurarchitect den bosch
keukenontwerper den bosch
lichtplan voor villa

We have followed the construction of this villa on our Instagram account. Curious? Then click here.