Design harmonious new-build villa

The Netherlands

We designed a modern new-build villa in a beautiful spot on the edge of the forest. The architectural style is balanced and modest in use of materials.

moderne villa door architectenbureau Nijmegen


But with, among other things, wooden cladding, a green roof and solar panels, the house is almost energy neutral. The materials have a modest character with a direct link to the environment, forming a whole with the landscape. We use a hand-baked Gelderland brick that is produced locally and that has a link with the past of the Waal area with its brick factories. In this way, the architecture establishes both a direct and an indirect connection with the location.

The house is made up of two stacked volumes, the upper volume of which has a subordinate character. The architecture has a clear direction. In the direction of the village there is mainly masonry. Wood is dominant towards the forest and the Waal. The continuous link with the masonry indicates a clear direction.

The landscape design, with a lush garden, enhances the house and forms a whole with the adjacent nature reserve.

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