Old-fashioned bungalow turns into modern villa

The Netherlands

Transforming a dated bungalow into a modern villa, that dream became a reality when our clients were recently able to buy their parents’ detached bungalow. The clients already live in a beautiful house, but the location and the garden of this bungalow appeal to the imagination so much that they were happy to let us do a research into optimizing the bungalow to their taste and wishes.

villa renovation new design
villa renovation old situation
renovation new design

The wishes of our clients were clear: a white plastered villa with clean lines and black, minimalist fronts and a hall with grandeur, because in the current situation it is somewhat hidden and too small.

The current bedrooms are far too small and the desire was to create an extra floor on the bungalow with the bedrooms and a game room for the children. The challenge for us was to add a floor without making it seem that it is not original. By designing a beautiful hall with glass fronts over two floors at the entrance, we have made that transition as minimal as possible. An eye-catcher in the hall is a beautiful steel spiral staircase that stands completely free in the space.

bungalow renovation new design

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