Stylish renovation and expansion characteristic city house

The Netherlands

Our clients bought a dated 1930s home. In the 70s, the house had been thoroughly renovated, whereby the characteristic 1930s atmosphere was largely affected by the application of (at the time) modern materials, including bricks and Meranti frames. It was the wish of our clients to restore the 1930s style of the house. There was also a need for more space. An extension on both sides and the rear was therefore desirable. To achieve this, we opted for a modern extension that embraces the 1930s home. The modern expansion is characterized by clean lines and large glass sliding doors that optimally connect life inside with the garden. Although the expansion has a modern character, it fits harmoniously in color and material with the authentic 1930s home.
verbouwing jaren 30 woning
bestaande situatie stijlvolle verbouwing villa
verbouwing jaren 30 woning glazen gevel
luxe tuinset
Tuinset villa
uitbouw villa
The back of the house is oriented on the south-west, good sun protection was therefore essential. We opted for a awning of no less than 12 meters wide that was integrated in the roof edge. This roof edge is a modern translation of the timbered gutter, typical of the 1930s.
glazen gevel villa
gevel glas
verbouwing jaren 30 woning
riante leefkeuken villa
keuken detail
detail leefkeuken
leefkeuken aanrechtblad
uitzicht tuin villa
verstelbare spot
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leeshoekje villa
woonkamer villa
woonkamer met gashaard
zichtlijn richting de tuin
authentieke details jaren 30 woning
glazen pui bij keldertrap
originele trap

On the side of the house, near the entrance, the stairwell has been enlarged by an elevation. This makes the attic easily accessible and offers space for a spacious bedroom with walk -in cupboards and bathroom.

detail glazen pui
glas en lood raam
jaren 30 detail
zitkuil tuin

In collaboration with Studio Redd (design studio in the field of gardens) we determined the position of the swimming pool and the pool house. This great collaboration has resulted in a nice unity between the inner and outdoor space.

Zwembad villa
Schaduw poolhouse

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