Villa MD

The Netherlands

This unique villa, nestled in an idyllic wooded area, was built in the 1990s by the parents of the current residents. We were commissioned to modernize the home and adapt it to meet the contemporary needs and desires of its new occupants. With respect for the original architecture, we undertook the project while preserving as much of the original design as possible. The villa features a striking layout with the living area on the ground floor and the bedrooms in the basement. While the living area offers a breathtaking view, it lacked a direct connection to the garden. To solve this issue, we added a new living area on the ground floor. This addition houses the living room, which now benefits from a generous space and a seamless transition to the garden.

Verbouwing villa Eindhoven

The interior spaces flow into each other, thanks to a visual and walking line that spans the entire width of the house. By extending the home, the dining room and kitchen, located in the original structure, were able to expand to a size befitting the house and the needs of the clients.

voorgevel villa Eindhoven

Sustainability was a crucial aspect of the renovation. We selected materials that are resistant to the effects of the wooded environment. The paintwork was replaced with highly durable and easily cleanable facade stucco in a warm color tone. Window frames and fascia boards were crafted from dark bronze aluminum, while wooden elements were pre-weathered to achieve a natural and welcoming appearance.

leefkeuken villa Eindhoven
woonkamer villa interieurarchitect