Modern villa: harmonious design with expansive views

The Netherlands

In a breathtaking location with unobstructed views of the surrounding nature, you’ll find this modern family villa. The villa’s design is characterized by its rectangular layout, which creates various sightlines throughout the entire home, including towards the garden. The choice of materials, such as the sleek horizontal masonry on the ground floor and the black vertical aluminum cladding, adds both tension and synergy to the architecture.

Voorgevel moderne villa druten
Nieuwbouw villa Vught

Unlike the rear of the villa, the front is more closed-off in appearance. Upon entering the home, you step into a spacious foyer. The rear of the house features robust stone columns and massive glass facades spanning its entire width, allowing occupants in both the ground floor living space and bedrooms to fully embrace the panoramic views.

Given the extensive glass facades, climate control is a key consideration in the design. Notably, the generous 1-meter overhangs provide effective protection against summer heat. Complementing the rural setting, we’ve introduced sloping roofs that appear as two distinct discs resting independently on the roof surface, with a skylight spanning the entire length of the first floor. These roofs not only enhance aesthetics but also aid in natural ventilation and lighting.

The home incorporates state-of-the-art technology in its installations, and when combined with the design of architectural overhangs, it ensures the utmost sustainability. This ensures that this residence is not only aesthetically stunning but also environmentally responsible, reflecting our commitment to creating a sustainable living environment.

Achtergevel villa druten
Interieurontwerper Vught
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interieurontwerp vught luxe badkamer interieurarchtitect
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