Villa in the middle of the countryside

The Netherlands

We designed a sleek modern family villa in a fantastic location with unobstructed views of the surrounding nature. The villa is characterized by the rectangular floor plan and various sight lines throughout the house. The sleek horizontal masonry of the ground floor and the black vertical aluminum facade cladding together create tension and synergy.

Between the garage and the house is an open roof that gives a nice deep line of sight and thereby connects the front and back of the villa.

Construction is currently in progress.

Nieuwbouw moderne villa Vught
Nieuwbouw villa Vught

In contrast to the rear of the villa, the front (the street side) is more modest. As soon as you enter the house, you enter a spacious hall. We placed two trees here to emphasize the natural setting of the plot in the house. The rear will be provided with a large glass facade in its entire width so that the residents can optimally enjoy the unobstructed view in both the living space on the ground floor and in the bedrooms.

Partly because of the large fronts, good climate control is an important topic in the design. An example of how the summer heat is counteracted are the large overhangs of more than 1 meter. Due to its rural location, we have introduced sloping roofs that are separated from each other by a long window running the full length of the first floor. The roofs look like two separate discs resting on the roof surface. The house is equipped with the latest technology in the field of installations and in combination with a very sustainable home is guaranteed with the smart design of architectural overhangs and external sun blinds.

Interieurontwerper Vught
interieurontwerp vught exclusieve woonkamer den bosch
interieurontwerp vught exclusieve leefkeuken den bosch
interieurontwerp vught luxe badkamer interieurarchtitect
interieurontwerp vught luxe badkamer interieurarchtitect
interieurontwerp vught luxe badkamer
interieurontwerp vught luxe badkamer natuursteen
interieurontwerp-vught luxe slaapkamer binnenhuisarchitect
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