Wine bar Buskens: blending history with contemporary flair

The Netherlands

Our clients, three friends with a passion for wines, became the owners of a fantastic café near the city center of Nijmegen. Until recently, the well-known music café Trianon was located here. With its rich past, the building is a national monument. However, the building was in a very dated state. A renovation was therefore badly needed. With a great eye for the special historical details and with an eye to make the building more contemporary within those frameworks, our studio made the design for the new wine bar Buskens. A vibrant place where you can enjoy the most delicious wines.

Restaurant Buskens interieurontwerp
cafe Trianon
Interieurontwerper Buskens Nijmegen

The building is characterized by high ceilings, rich detailing, beautiful paneling and an imposing facade with a covered terrace. Behind the building is a large hall that was added later and was used for celebrations and parties at the time. In our design we have made the connection between the front and rear part by breaking through the authentic rear facade. We placed large bronze frames on this spot, but the authentic ornaments and details were also retained. We also carried out a color study to find out the original colors so that we could reapply them.

The eye-catcher at the entrance is the bar with a large tree in the middle. The tree forms the heart of the characteristic, original skylight. The rear room is large and very limited in daylight, with the exception of a few skylights. We have fitted the closed walls with bespoke cabinets containing a wide range of wines on display. In the back room, we lowered the ceiling with organic shapes to break up the grandeur and add a touch of playfulness. This is reflected in the round shapes of the benches and tables, which give it a playful and airy appearance.

All this results in Wijnbar Buskens. A beautiful ambiance with warm colors / materials in which, while enjoying delicious wines, a wonderful and pleasant afternoon or evening can be experienced.

Interieurarchitect restaurant Nijmegen Buskens
Interieurontwerp wijnbar Buskens
Interieurarchotect Buskens Nijmegen
Interieurontwerp wijnbar Buskens
Interieurontwerp wijnbar Buskens
Architect restaurant Buskens
Interieurontwerp wijnbar Buskens
Interieurontwerp wijnbar Buskens

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