Interiordesign restaurant Panpacakes

The Netherlands

The interior of the restaurant is designed with warm, natural materials and natural color accents. We opted for a warm, stylish, cozy and inviting atmosphere for young and old. It was important in our design that the large space did not feel too grand. The elongated space is interrupted by two fixed benches that optically divide the space. The rotating semi-transparent screens between the benches provide intimacy.

The large, inviting bar occupies a central place in the restaurant. The custom cabinets behind the bar and the way in which the vertical lighting has been applied create a playful yet repetitive effect that connects the front and rear of the restaurant.

A pleasant, efficient routing was one of the starting points in the design, also with regard to the terrace.

We have also drawn up an extensive lighting plan in which a good balance has been found between functional and atmospheric lighting. The large round lamps are a nod to the restaurant’s main concept: pancakes.

ontwerp pancakes
Interieurontwerp panpacakes
restaurantontwerp Nijmegen
ontwerp interieur panpacakes
Interieurontwerp panpacakes
interieurontwerper Nijmegen pancakes
Restaurantontwerp Nijmegen

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