Architectenbureau bob romijnders krijgt nieuw kantoor in binnenstad Nijmegen

We are moving!

We are moving! On January 2 we received the key to our new office building, a beautiful monumental mansion on Oranjesingel in Nijmegen. We could not have wished for a better start of the new year! This came just at the right time, because with the arrival of a number of new colleagues, our office grew rapidly from the current space.

What is now before us is a major renovation with a number of major adjustments being made. Such as deepening the basement, where we will realize, among other things, a large materials room. Furthermore, we do not reveal too much yet. Because just as when presenting our plans to our clients, we like to keep our plans secret until the last minute. But we can already say that it will be very cool!

Over the next two months, an army of builders will ensure that the office gets the look that suits us. And then we can move! We will be able to officially open the doors of our new office on Monday March 2.